When constructing a new roadway, parking lot or anything alike, a sub base plays a significant role in the longevity of the pavement. A sufficient amount of granular must be installed and compacted prior to asphalt installation.
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All catch basins, manholes and concrete work must be put in place with full attention to detail assuring proper elevations and water drainage. We at TBS Paving have all the machinery and technology to make sure a new construction project gets completed smoothly.


Like all paved surfaces, asphalt pavement is susceptible to deterioration due to weather, traffic chemical exposure and poor maintenance. When water begins entering the cracks, freezing and thawing occurs during the colder months, at this point larger cracks, potholes, uneven pavement, raveling and alligatoring of the pavement begin to appear.
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These are all signs of severely damaged asphalt. Preventative measures will no longer help. This makes it a perfect candidate for a RE & RE (Remove and Replace) and should be performed as soon as possible.


As pavement ages some depressions may occur or minor cracking may form but not to the extent as to where a full replacement is needed. A pavement resurface (overlay) is a perfect way to increase the lifespan of the pavement.
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This long-term cost-effective procedure will help save overall costs as the sub base will remain. Prior to resurfacing several steps are required including cleaning the area, saw cutting and removing the areas that are cracked, levelling off the pavement in low areas, grinding (if needed) of high areas that may have heaved and proper amount of asphalt is not able to be installed. These steps will insure that a pavement resurfacing project will transform into a long last lasting pavement structure.

Patch Repairs

Asphalt patching is a common asphalt repair used on isolated areas of the pavement lot that have cracks, alligatoring, potholes or other forms of pavement damages.
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Budgets may not always allow to have a reconstruction or a pavement overlay so patching is an excellent way to maintain the pavement lot and help prevent more cracks or damages from forming. It will also save future maintenance costs. When water enters the patch and freezes, it expands and enlarges the cracks, therefore each asphalt patching area should be sealed properly as it will help prevent water from entering the new patch.

Catch Basins and Manhole Repairs

Catch basins are used to collect water runoff from the lot and regular maintenance should not be neglected. To ensure proper slope for water runoff the catch basin may have to be repaired or adjusted with precast moduloc’s, signs of catch basin replacement or adjustment may include an uneven grate, pavement depressions, pavement cracking surrounding the catch basin or a major pothole beside the catch basin.
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This occurs when water makes its way through gaps in the modulocs and erodes the granular sub-base of the surrounding pavement surface. Another cause of this happening is when the granular sub base has settled. We at TBS Paving have the staff to repair all catch basin and manhole failures.

Pothole Repairs

Most potholes are formed due to fatigue of the pavement surface. As the fatigue damages continue to develop, a highly allorgated pattern forms and chunks of pavement between cracks become loose and eventually are removed by continued traffic thus forming a pothole.
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A pothole repair is low cost effective way to keep up with pavement maintenance until budgets allow for further repairs. Pothole repairs should be carried out as soon as possible as they are a serious tripping hazard and can also cause major vehicle damage.

Pavement Markings

The parking lot is one of the first things noticed by visitors before entering your facility. A newly marked lot is attractive and shows the visitors that the owner keeps up with their pavement maintenance. The pavement lot should be clearly marked to designate parking spaces and to direct traffic flow.
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A properly marked lot will become safer for pedestrians and vehicle traffic. TBS Paving follows all municipal bylaws and guidelines while using the best products to ensure a long lasting pavement marking. We also install all parking lot signs, speed bumps and parking curbs.

Rout and Seal

Crack sealing prevents water from entering the pavement sub base and preserves the life of the pavement. This flexible rubberized pavement sealer moves with pavement by expanding and contracting with the different temperatures we encounter in our country.
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In some cases, crack widening or routing is necessary. Routing is strongly suggested because it creates a proper reservoir to which the crack sealant material will comply with and have a long lasting effect in preventative maintenance.

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