A durable stone used to endure high traffic and harsh weather conditions interlocking pavers are the solution, our installers will design a new project and take our customer through a step by step process of how the pavers will be installed and reassure them that the design will be executed to exceed all expectations. We also offer interlocking RE and RE (Remove and reinstall) In many cases the paver stones may be in good condition, but settlement or waviness over the years have caused problems. In this case a remove and reinstall is a great way to save money and bring the paver stones back to life.


Designed and constructed to resist the lateral pressure of soil when there is a desired change in ground elevation. These walls are a perfect structure to withstand all the stresses of soil from irregular slopes. We also install a wide range variety of precast steps for different levels of the property that require proper structures for the pedestrians, TBS Paving will install these products perfectly to keep the property safe from the different elevations.

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